1 The retractions came only a few months after BioMed Central.

One is normally that in specialized fields, authors could be ideal qualified to suggest suitable reviewers for the manuscript and topic involved. Another is normally that it makes life less difficult for editors: finding appropriate peer reviewers who are willing to review in a timely manner can be both difficult and time consuming. A third reason may be that journals and publishers are multinational increasingly. During the past, the editor and editorial board of a journal understood both scientific field it covered and the people employed in it, but it’s extremely difficult to be sufficiently well connected when both editors and submissions result from all over the world.‘The opportunities for career development permitted by this award are many, and I look forward to working with both ASH and the AMFDP in the years to come.’ Dr. Walker is the fourth recipient of the ASH-AMFDP award. Her research, ‘Targeting the Expression of Mutated Genes Encoding Tyrosine Kinases in Severe Myeloid Leukemia ,’ will explore the result of both direct and indirect inhibition of aberrant tyrosine kinase activity within a phase I clinical trial in individuals with relapsed or refractory AML. The correlative science that results from this clinical trial shall allow Dr.