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2001 and 2007.g obesity, diabetes epidemics in California adults in adults in California are overweight or obese, and more than 2 million have been diagnosed with diabetes, according to a new study by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research .

And diabetes, is affect more and more of the population, the associated costs. Other findings:hardest hit districts obesity prevalence was highest in Imperial , Merced and Tulare districts, higher-income prevalence was highest in Tulare and Fresno . Regional had the San Joaquin Valley , the highest prevalence of both obesity and diabetes . Los Angeles County, because of the size of its population was by far the most obese population diagnosed , and most residents with diabetes .. In California, the total annual cost of diabetes at at $ 24 billion, with $ 17 billion in direct medical care and associated spent $ 7 billion in indirect costs associated with the disease.A computerized prescribing regime requires that a comprehensive functionality of and correct processes exist , otherwise medication error keep high, they added hinzu.3 percent of errors were found in e – prescriptions for anti-infectives. E – prescriptions to the nervous system medications did second, and then respiratory system drugs. Nervous systems, cardiovascular and anti-infective medications the highest number of on errors associated with possible side effects. One example of a fault to potential for undesirable effect was dosing failure. At the majority of cases was the errors, omissions, the medicament dose, time and rate.

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