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Neuronal progenitor cells were stimulated with sera to differentiate into neurons. Researchers hypothesized that the development of human neuronal progenitor cells induced to differentiate into neurons with sera from children with autism would reflect the modified early neuronal advancement leading to autism. The sera from both the autistic children and the control group had been collected from siblings from the same environment who were below the age of 6 years. The effect of the sera on differentiation of neuronal progenitor cell clusters into neuronal colonies was tested in 72 hour lengthy cultures. The methods used had been morphometry , immunocytochemistry , and immunoblotting .Even when dad told her I am something dog, she stated she didn’t treatment. Kicked to the curb,’ the post said, along with an accompanying photo of Arthur beyond your restaurant. After publishing the incident, the whole story went viral, prompting the manager of the restaurant to email and phone Brown personally to apologize, according to CBS. In addition, the restaurant answered with its own post on Facebook extending the apology for an ‘unfortunate circumstance’ that was ‘not really a true representation of our company policy.’ The restaurant’s management added they might be staging an interior review to clarify company plan and make donations to Colorado Disabled Veterans and Young puppies Behind Bars.