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However the FDA’s own assessments on Mead Johnson infant formulation reveal it to consist of 245 ppb, or 1600 percent a lot more than what would be expected to exists because of melamine contamination from developing apparatus. There are two important queries that any intelligent consumer should be asking about all of this: Question #1) If the production and packaging equipment is certainly contaminated with melamine, will this imply that ALL food products containing milk protein are similarly contaminated? The same companies that make infant formulation make Slim Fast also, Ensure and Boost – – all are milk protein-based meal substitute products containing most of the same elements as infant formula.Furthermore, although we stratified the analyses regarding to previous hospitalizations for cardiovascular or psychiatric diseases, we captured only severe conditions for which hospital entrance was required. Nevertheless, if the positive associations were not explained by serious preexisting conditions, it is rather unlikely that these were explained by milder circumstances. Our study focused on hard outcomes only and thus probably did not capture the full extent of the psychological burden among patients with newly diagnosed malignancy.