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Hermes Creative Awards recognize exceptional work in the industry while promoting the philanthropic character of communication and advertising professionals.com website. The company also received Gold awards for its internal year-in-critique Flash presentation, its Stress Management Guidebook, and Why Wellness Sells Itself content . Honorable mentions had been awarded to ASH for its FitnessCoach.com web-based training and because of its company-wide Watch It all Challenge promotional materials. There were over 3,600 entries from through the entire United States and many other countries in the Hermes Creative Awards 2010 competition. Entries originated from corporate communication and marketing departments, advertising agencies, PR firms, design shops, production companies, and freelancers.The easiest way of understanding different kinds is usually by dividing them into two fundamental categories –Severe acneMild-to-moderate acneSevere Acne It is characterised by two typical features:It can’t be cured by using OTC medicines and requires expert medical advice for treatmentIt is certainly long-term in nature and some individuals have been recognized to experience serious forms throughout their livesThe many common severe pimples types include:Nodules Spots created due to nodular acne are much larger in circumference and so are quite painful. The nodules are like thick, hard bumps on the top of skin and they usually cause scarring. Without medical treatment, unsolved cases of nodules result in impaction, i.e.