About BioM rieux food safety?

About BioM rieux food safety?BioM rieux is a leading global provider of innovative solutions for food safety testing for more than 20 for more than 20 years? rieux food safety focus is on the prevention, detection and quality assurance. The company offers comprehensive global resources and local know-how in the field of microbiology and food safety, the the innovative science and research to bring powerful new tools for food industry. Rieux the food test solutions, including prepared culture media, BacT / ALER, VITE DiversiLa 2 and also her commitment to improving public health through a safe and nutritious food supply available to globally.

This new food safety solution utilizes recombinant bacteriophage proteins, the best-in – class specificity and sensitivity for the targeted offer collection and detection of Salmonella in food and environmental samples. The technology complements the VIDAS E. Coli O157 phage technology for the detection of Escherichia coli O157: H7.

‘Because phages host host – specific, they can offer unmatched sensitivity and specificity for the targeted detection, identification and differentiation of bacteria in a given sample,’said Dr. Lawrence Goodridge, an associate professor of Food Microbiology, Colorado State University. ‘Food pathogen detection method using bacteriophage technology, food manufacturers can with the ability to give to detect bacterial pathogens in their products with unprecedented speed and reliability.They found that SPECT sensitivity was 85 percent and an accuracy of 96 percent for detecting bone metastases while PE had had a sensitivity of only 17 percent with precision of 85 percent. They also found fact that PET its capacity, bone metastases of cancer lesions of was apparent limited. Crossbones bones the most common location of breast cancer metastases Up to 90m percent of patients with distant cancer bone metastases, bone be well the frequent recurrence after one treatment to primary breast cancer, ‘said Takayoshi Uematsu, lead author study.

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