About BioMimetic TherapeuticsBioMimetic Therapeutics.

The company has product product and lead product candidates all combine recombinant protein therapeutics with tissue specific scaffolds actively stimulate tissue healing and regeneration.. About BioMimetic TherapeuticsBioMimetic Therapeutics, develops and marketed biologically active recombinant protein – device combination products for the healing of musculoskeletal injuries and diseases, including orthopedic, spine and sports injury applications. BioMimetic received marketing approval from the FDA for its first product, a bone substitute material for bone and periodontal regeneration following completion of human clinical trials, Moreover safety and efficacy of its platform technology in this indication. In addition , the company has ongoing clinical trials with its product candidates Augment and Augment Injectable in multiple orthopedic bone healing indications including the treatment of foot and ankle fusions and the stimulation of healing of fractures of the arm.

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####CHEST 2007, the 73rd annual international scientific assembly from the American College of Chest Physicians, 17.000 members at Chicago, ACCP provides 17,000 members, to in the fields of in the areas of pulmonary, intensive medicine and sleep medicine the United States and around the world. Which ACCP is mission is to provide to foster the prevention and treatment of disease breasts by guiding, education, research and communication.