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About LUVENIQ. LUVENIQ is the oral form of the next generation calcineurin inhibitor, voclosporin Like other molecules of this class is the compound reversibly inhibit immunocompetent lymphocytes, particularly T lymphocytes and lymphokine it also inhibits production. And release of Lux Biosciences has exclusive worldwide rights to voclosporin for ophthalmic use and is with the team at Isotechnika Pharma who discovered together together and develop it in psoriasis and organ transplantation suhagra4ed.com .

One arterial ischemic stroke resulting from the narrowing or blockage in an artery or in the brain.Ichord and colleagues at Children’s Hospital followed 90 children old with an average age of about 6 years old, treated for stroke zwischen 2003 and 2009. Twelve patients had a recurrent stroke during the study period, most of them within a month after his first stroke. In six of the 12 children with recurrent strokes, A whiplash injury has diagnosed the first bar until a recurrent stroke. – ‘Strokes only only in the elderly,’said Ichord. ‘an impact on an impact on children from infants. Our results, it is important to diagnose stroke in children as soon as possible to take so that the medical staff can provide emergency treatment and prevent a recurrence. ‘.

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