About the control of your diabetes established in 1995.

Diabetes is a not-for-profit 501 diabetes education diabetes education organization that offers programs to inform, motivate and empower participants in control of their diabetes. Steven V. Edelman, founder and director of control of your diabetes with type with type 1 diabetes at the age of 15. Edelman, an internationally recognized leader in diabetes treatment, research and education, says: ‘It is my conviction that if people with diabetes themselves informed role in their own take an active role in their own disease, that health care in this improve land. Edelman practices and teaches at the VA Medical Center in San Diego, and the University of California, San Diego..

– Seventy-one % are aware that diabetes medications weight gain weight gain, but nearly half are currently taking this medication. 77 % 77 % are not aware that there are diabetes medicines can people can you lose weight.

– Seventy – nine % of respondents describing themselves as overweight, and 81 % say that their doctor told them to lose weight in order to to better manage their disease.

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