About the study SAMMPRISSAMMPRIS The study involved 451 patients at 50 sites in the United States.

All in the stenting group and a non-stroke deaths in the medical management group During a follow-up of almost a year had 20.5 % of patients in the stent group and 11.5 % of patients in the medical group, a stroke or death, or stroke in the same region of the brain for 30 days, up a significant difference in favor of patients in the study medical group.. About the study SAMMPRISSAMMPRIS The study involved 451 patients at 50 sites in the United States. The patients were between 30 and 80 years old and experienced a recent transient ischemic attack, a type of stroke within 24 hours , or another type of non – disabling stroke , which was caused by a high degree of stenosis in an artery in the brain is dissolved.

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