Adding lubricin to fluid in our joints may prevent osteoarthritis.

Risk elements include weight problems, aging and damage/trauma to a joint. While many Baby Boomers you live longer, more vigorous lives, obesity is a major problem in our nation for many age groups, Jay said. Both excessive weight, and injury to the joints can lead to osteoarthritis, which outcomes in a more sedentary way of living. This discovery supports our ongoing efforts to make a new therapy to protect cartilage among people that have a transient loss of that protection, which locations the cartilage at risk. .. Adding lubricin to fluid in our joints may prevent osteoarthritis, researchers find Osteoarthritis is a painful, debilitating illness affecting more than 27 million people in the US Think new discoveries will be the bee's knees? This one is even better – – this research out of Rhode Island Medical center may be the mice's knees.Related StoriesPresence of connexin proteins suppresses main tumor growthInsulin plays a much stronger part in regulating release of dopamineHigher insulin levels linked to even worse prognosis in advanced breast cancerThe inventors of the IGFBP-2 – based technology are Dr. David Clemmons, chief of the division of fat burning capacity and endocrinology, School of Medicine, University of North Carolina at Chapel Dr and Hill. The University of NEW YORK and the University of Maine personal the patent on the IGFBP-2 peptides. The patent was originally certified to New Paradigm Therapeutics Inc. , a University of North Carolina spin-off organization founded by Dr. Clemmons. NPT Inc. Both companies will today collaborate on the advancement of a new therapy targeting bone illnesses.