Affymetrix introduces new OncoScan FFPE Assay Kit Affymetrix.

We were able to detect FISH-verified aberrations in a number of key cancers genes including ERBB2, MDM2, EGFR, and MYC suggesting that OncoScan FFPE Assay Package can be viewed as a viable higher quality and higher specificity alternative to Seafood screening for confirmation of cancer gene aberrations in solid tumor tissue. Because OncoScan FFPE Assay Package has whole-genome resolution, we also obtained precious incremental copy number aberrations in these samples. Related StoriesEfficient respiratory medical diagnosis solutionResearchers uncover important mechanism that may help protect against infection, allergy and cancerSpecific gut bacterias can improve tumor immunotherapy, show studies Professor Torsten Pietsch, MD, PhD, Institute of Neuropathology, University of Bonn noticed that based on his experience with a large cohort of FFPE human brain tumor samples, We believe that the OncoScan FFPE Assay Package is a robust platform for the speedy discovery and validation of novel prognostic duplicate number signatures, that may also be useful in a medical setting for the recognition of specific gains in tumors as markers for patient stratification.Extra tumor regression that didn’t meet criteria for a response was seen in three patients with glioblastoma and one patient each with anaplastic ependymoma, pancreatic cancer, and carcinoma of unknown primary type. No sufferers with multiple myeloma have had a reply to date. Safety Common adverse events reported for 20 percent or more of the patients and adverse events of unique interest general and for particular cohorts are shown in Tables S4 and S5, respectively, in the Supplementary Appendix. Overall, basic safety data for vemurafenib monotherapy were related to data from prior research of vemurafenib in cutaneous melanoma, although samples sizes within individual cohorts were too small to allow a definitive evaluation.25 The most typical adverse events among all patients getting vemurafenib monotherapy had been rash , fatigue , and arthralgia .