After campus shooting in Oregon.

Somehow, believing that just criminals are packing heat is comforting to these people secretly, who everyone with a conscience and mental stability be unarmed rather, while the crazies run around in violation of the statutory rules, shooting up innocent people along the way. This is the deranged mindset of the anti-gun remaining, which systematically fails time and time again to acknowledge the reality that criminals don’t abide by laws. The only people who follow gun laws are law-abiding citizens, the folks who should be carrying weapons in order to prevent the type of tragedy that just recently occurred in Oregon. Resources used: After campus shooting in Oregon, University of Texas professors demand their students stay defenseless from attacks In the wake of the recent campus shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, Texas decided to join seven additional states in allowing college students to carry concealed weapons to class, in their dormitories and about campus, in both personal and public schools throughout the state.Advancing nanoparticle-structured imaging and therapy of mind cancer Brain cancer is among the most challenging malignancies to detect and treat, in large part due to the difficulty in obtaining imaging and therapeutic agents past the so-called blood-mind barrier and in to the brain. Several sets of investigators have found that nanoparticles hold promise for ferrying such agents into the brain , and now two new papers released in the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics offer additional hope that nanotechnology may yield important advances in detecting and dealing with mind cancer.