After concussion.

After concussion, skip homework and video gaming: Study Previous research shows teenagers may take longer to recover from a concussion than adults, and a new study shows what they do while they are recovering is very important. Health Give kids’ brains a break after concussion: Study Daily health headlines: Rest important after kids’ concussions, new research finds another justification parents should keep an eye on texting teens, plus mo. Patients who visited the clinic for a concussion had been on average about 15 years older. They were followed until they recovered, and received questionnaires during each visit to the clinic that asked them to measure their activity amounts. They were asked whether they engaged in ‘full cognitive rest,’ , minimal cognitive activity , moderate cognitive activity , significant cognitive activity or complete cognitive activity.Awards derive from the qualifications of the candidate, the standard of the candidate’s study proposal and the commitment of the candidate’s organization to safeguard 70 % of their time for study. THE STUDY Scholar Awards program was launched in 1984 to provide important early support to investigators who show guarantee in academic gastroenterological analysis. The program’s premise recognized that resources awarded in early stages could provide a stable platform from which future research funding would be derived. During and after their period as an AGA study scholar, recipients have produced important contributions to the field of gastroenterology, and several former award recipients have eliminated on to hold distinguished appointments in major medical organizations in the U.S.