After years of denial.

‘Engineers don’t have plenty of data to also run a computer model that could inform them just how much of the reactor cores are intact and just how much of them melted, as the measurement systems in the buildings were out of commission for days after the incident,’ added Wald. This is quite not the same as the media’s prior insistence that the reactor cores are still intact, a claim that was also made by the plant’s operator. As you might recall, it arrived last fall that the Tokyo Electric Power Company have been deliberately using faulty screening equipment to reduce the reported levels of leaking radiation.Once the defendants received the patient’s Medicare ID numbers, they worked with doctors and medical treatment centers to obtain prescriptions for power wheelchairs, that they sold for kickbacks, authorities stated in a statement. Roughly 400 agents fanned out in the united states as part of Tuesday’s arrests raiding businesses, seizing records and charging 89 suspects in Miami, LA, Houston, Brooklyn, Detroit, Chicago, Tampa, Fla., and Baton Rouge, La. Four doctors were charged in a variety of scams in Brooklyn and Chicago. Sebelius hailed the Affordable Care Act as among the best tools we need to ‘preserve Medicare and safeguard the tens of an incredible number of Americans who depend on it each day.’ The law makes it harder for criminals to submit fraudulent Medicare claims and allows the federal government to suspend payments once they’re caught.