And therapies could save the lives of an incredible number of women.

A renewed effort to lessen global toll of kid and maternal deaths Widespread global usage of known and proven maternal and childcare techniques, methods, and therapies could save the lives of an incredible number of women, newborns and children each year, according to a fresh analysis prepared for a mid-April meeting of world leaders and technical professionals on maternal and child health. The meeting is being held to focus attention upon this toll and develop a plan of actions to reduce it prescription medication .

They have been in a position to try this hypothesis by creating mind malformations soon after birth in rat pups. In earlier research, we showed that that atypical febrile seizures occur just in rat pups with an underlying delicate cortical malformation, stated Carmant. In the current study, the researchers found that when these rats reach adulthood, almost all develop temporal lobe epilepsy. Furthermore, they have deficits in learning and memory, problems noted in some sufferers with temporal lobe epilepsy. The next step in this research–which Carmant’s team has already begun–is to comprehend the mechanisms that transform a predisposed brain into an epileptic one, also to search for ways to prevent atypical febrile seizures from triggering these procedures..