Better known as AIDS?

And these substances have already been shown in various other research to shown to block the replication of the HIV virus. ‘The ability to enhance telomerase activity and antiviral functions of CD8 T-lymphocytes shows that this strategy could be useful in treating HIV disease, and also immunodeficiency and improved susceptibility to other viral infections associated with chronic aging or diseases,’ the researchers wrote within their research paper.Fruits are tasty, filled with nutrients and vitamins, and promote healthy hair when consumed or used in treatment applications regularly. Now let’s check them out. Many of these citric fruits , darkly pigmented fruits are antioxidants. Eating a variety of these fruits and vegetables will provide healthy degrees of many vitamins, including vitamin C. Dry fruits are good sources of Supplement E which enhances bloodstream circulation on the scalp, and maintains healthful hair follicles. Walnuts certainly are a great source of zinc also, as are cashews, and almonds. Zinc deficiency can result in hair shedding. Add blending papaya, cucumber and lemon which rejuvenate the scalp in your diet.