By the storm.

By the storm. Oil Corporation donates $ 1 to the American Red Cross for Hurricanes Of 2008 – Marathon Oil Corporation announced that it will donate $ 1,000 for the the Hurricanes of 2008, with $ 500,000 designated for Hurricane Gustav and $ 1 million for Hurricane Ike.

The discovery is featured in the current issue of Science.

Red Cross disaster workers from every state helped people affected by Hurricanes Gustav and Ike. In Texas, where more than 8,000 Red Cross disaster workers over 240,000 overnight stays for people refuge in 397 shelters , and served more than 8 million meals and snacks to people displaced by the storm.700 Red Cross disaster workers more than 3 million meals and snacks served for those feeling the effects of Hurricane Ike not only trying to, but also still recovering from Hurricane Gustav.### The of the journal the journal and Clinical Psychology.

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