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Many patients with aortic stenosis can not be treated because not good candidates not good candidates for surgery. To the heart.atheter aortic valve to be opened in a similar manner to blocked heart arteries with balloon angioplasty and stent. A tube with a compressed balloon in a blood vessel in the groin and introduced threaded to the heart. The balloon in the interior in the interior of the damaged valve and inflated the narrowed area the narrowed area. A stent valve consisting of bovine pericardial tissue and a stainless steel frame is then moved into position and the balloon is inflated the valve the valve and press it into the calcified tissue on the artery wall. The balloon catheter is then removed, leaving available the new functioning valve..

Questions are published monthly.. Open-heart surgeryrvention for aortic valve stenosis Clinical TrialOn the 26th November 2007 doctors conducted at Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute ‘s first ‘transcatheter ‘minimally invasive replacement of an aortic valve in the western United States, developed with the SAPIEN transcatheter aortic heart valve by Edwards Lifesciences Corp. Cedars-Sinai one of the 15 participating centers in a pivotal clinical study of the device, and is the leading enroller in the nation.Any possible statins and a discounted risk for developing rheumatoid arthritis – There is an link between the use statins and reduced the risk for developing the chronic inflammatory disease, RA. Here are the results of a study of Gabriel Chodick and counterparts, released to this week PLoS Medicine.

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