Genetically Modified Foods.

Genetically Modified Foods, Herbicides and Human Safety: – WEDNESDAY, Aug. 19, 2015 – – Farm areas are becoming soaked with increasing amounts of suspected cancer-leading to herbicides, because of the spread of genetically altered crops that are immune to these chemical substances, two researchers contend. They make their argument in a Perspective piece in the Aug . 20 problem of the New England Journal of Medication. Farmers’ use of glyphosate – – a weedkiller common as Roundup – – has increased by one factor greater than 250 in the usa, climbing from 0.4 million kilograms in 1974 to 113 million kilograms in 2014, the researchers stated.

If it was possible to identify individuals with poor prognosis, it would be possible to use higher treatment resources on these patients. Simultaneously, patients with a favourable prognosis could avoid unnecessary treatment’, says Elin Karlsson who effectively defended her thesis on June 5. Comparing the amounts of the gene items of these 51 genes with data from a previous study has allowed the research team showing that the genes have the ability to predict survival also for the new material. The research group in addition has studied the proteins BTG2, and shown that it is involved at several levels in the tumours that were examined. The proteins was present more regularly in specimens from sufferers who experienced survived at least 5 years after diagnosis than in sufferers who had passed away within 5 years from medical diagnosis.