Giorgio Perilongo.

Giorgio Perilongo, M.D., Rudolf Maibach, Ph .D., Elisabeth Shafford, M.D., Laurence Brugieres, M.D., Penelope Brock, M.D., Bruce Morland, M.D., Beatriz de Camargo, M.D., Jozsef Zsiros, M.D., Derek Roebuck, M.D., Arthur Zimmermann, M.D., Daniel Aronson, M.D., Margaret Childs, Eva Widing, M.D., Veronique Laithier, M.D., Jack Plaschkes, M.D., Jon Pritchard, M.D., Marcello Scopinaro, M.D., Gordon MacKinlay, M.D., and Piotr Czauderna, M.D.: Cisplatin versus Cisplatin plus Doxorubicin for Standard-Risk Hepatoblastoma Between 1990 and 1994, the International Childhood Liver Tumour Strategy Group conducted its initial cooperative trial , which set the standard of care for hepatoblastoma in most European countries.1 With a 5-year event-free survival of 66 percent and a standard survival of 75 percent, the trial duplicated the total results obtained by various other investigators, in North America particularly, during the same period.1-7 SIOPEL 1 contains preoperative chemotherapy with a combined mix of cisplatin and doxorubicin followed by delayed surgery and further chemotherapy.