Health authoritiesst cancer remains a leading cause of cancer death in women.

Helped During the early detection of breast cancer screening and the development of innovative anti-cancer drugs to the decline in breast cancer mortality throughout the world, health authoritiesst cancer remains a leading cause of cancer death in women. Although advances are being made every year are in the treatment of breast cancer, women with locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer, limited treatment options and the development of more effective treatment or anti-cancer drugs is critical. It is believed that more than a million women breast cancer breast cancer every year around the world.

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The British Autism endowment starts a huge fund-raising campaign on the occasion the United Nations World Autism Awareness Ribbon Day 2009. World Autism Awareness Day on Thursday, April this year. The UN WAAD of over 60 million more than 60 million person with autism in the world. Many of have suffer without proper of public services for education, health care, specialists Speech Therapists and respite care.

To select United World Autism Awareness Day in 2009 on 2 April – the United Kingdom Autism Foundation is now partnering with JustGiving .