Inactivate effect of snake venom toxin on human prostate cancer cell growth hormoneUroToday.

Inactivate effect of snake venom toxin on human prostate cancer cell growth – snake venom as a therapeutic treatment of cancer? That sounds unusual, but Dr. Son and colleagues report on the effectiveness of the snake venom toxin Vipera lebetina turanica in inhibition of androgen-independent prostate cancer in the February 2007 issue of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics.

Culturing the cells with SVT reduced the constitutive activation of NF? LF targets the SVT in the B molecule. Expression of cell cycle regulatory proteins were also in the treated cells with reduced expression of SVT G2-M phase regulatory protein cyclin B1 and proteins regulate G1 phase changes in the cells. The increase in the apoptotic effect induction induction of caspase-3 and-9 activation by SVT.

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