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Radiologists use these pictures to look for narrowing or blockages in the coronary arteries of the heart. Litt: ‘We can use these pictures to determine the cause when patients from chest pains to mourn In particular able to find different able to find different types of atherosclerotic plaques, including whether a patient type type characterize. Characterize rather break and cause a heart attack ‘.

The interaction between the two fabrics in the body is different and differentiated by comparison of the differences in the two images, radiologists may Littisolate and distinguish body tissues and fluid, which. To breakthroughs in medical imaging In the old 64 CT technology, only a power source and a X – ray at a time. At a time. Now, radiologists can run the ‘ dual energy ‘ system simultaneously, so that they freeze better motion of the heart and receive a variety of information about the anatomy in a single scan.

Results from a separate study showed that the duration of RA does not further impact on CV risk over timeresults of another study, the risk of showed CVD in RA patients, However, the the duration of an increase in the RA CVD risk over time not.Professor Suzanne Cory the director of the WEHI, added: All WEHI Commune takes pride in recent award Prof. Metcalf and we are were inspired by his devotion After fifty years of research, he travels it on the bench on a working surface. Wide offer of models out of Leukaemia and diseases of the blood production.

Leading to major improvements in treatment of patients with carcinoma, and leukemia. ‘.

The AACR Lifetime Achievement Award is the latest in a long line of high national and international prizes has conferred Professor Metcalf, including the of Prime Minister Prize for Science, that Victoria Prize, his designation as Companion of the Order of Australia, which Albert Lasker Award the the Inaugural Salk medal Research Excellence.. ##This the the National Institute of Health, National Cancer Institute, of the the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, to programmatic Program, and to Kids Cancer Research Fund is.

In receiving the AACR prize, Prof.