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Linaclotide also significantly improved treatment fulfillment, reduced the severity of constipation, and improved disease-related quality of life. Although the improvement in bowel function with linaclotide treatment is most likely a consequence of increased luminal fluid, with an acceleration of intestinal transit, additional mechanisms may contribute to the improvement in stomach symptoms.9 The observation that diarrhea occurred more with linaclotide than with placebo isn’t surprising commonly, since diarrhea can be an extension of linaclotide’s pharmacologic effects.But it addittionally works counter to a slate of provisions supported by President Barack Obama, who offered his own vision for deficit reduction previously this year. The committee Democrats are also urging the 12-member panel to keep the new healthcare law untouched, asking members to provide the scores of applications meant to tame health costs a chance to ripen . The Hill: Waxman Urges Super Committee To Keep Medicaid And Medicare By itself, Extend Medication Rebates The top Democrat on the Energy and Commerce panel wants the deficit-cutting very committee to keep Medicare and Medicaid untouched and rather spend less by extending medication rebates, regarding to a draft letter obtained by The Hill.