Many of them residing in the Los Angeles area.

Lawyer George S. Cardona. The almost two dozen people charged in latest weeks are associated with approximately $25 million in fraudulent billings. That money is better spent spending money on the medical needs of legitimate individuals. ?? Our Strike Forces will work. The continued cooperation among our organizations has once again resulted in even more indictments and arrests of these suspected of defrauding the Medicare Trust Fund, stated Daniel R. Levinson, HHS Inspector General. Today’s procedures demonstrate the effectiveness of using advanced technologies to detect fraud schemes and to support our joint enforcement initiatives. The five situations announced today involve DME firm owners and marketers who are accused of participating in a number of schemes that defrauded the Medicare plan through fraudulent bills which total approximately $25.5 million.But rather than being forthright, the president has chosen to downplay the program instead, telling viewers throughout a digital interview from the Light House recently just a few civilians have been killed in drone strikes. ‘I’d like people to recognize that drones have not caused a wide array of civilian casualties,’ he stated in the interview. ‘Generally, they have been very precise, accuracy strikes against al-Qaeda and their affiliates, and we have been very cautious about how it has been used.’ Sure.