Maria Grazia Revello.

Bleeding was because of peptic ulcer in 437 patients also to esophageal varices in 190 . Hemoglobin Levels and Transfusion The hemoglobin concentration at admission was similar in both groups . The lowest hemoglobin concentration within the first a day was significantly reduced the restrictive-technique group than in the liberal-technique group, as was the daily hemoglobin focus until discharge . The %age of patients in whom the lowest hemoglobin level was significantly less than 7 g per deciliter was higher in the restrictive-strategy group than in the liberal-strategy group.The result? A higher concentration of cholesterol-lowering antioxidants called catechins. 4. Coffee beans Yes, this musical fruit is good for your cardiovascular, but why? Coffee beans are high in soluble fiber, which binds cholesterols through the digestive process and propels them from the body. From kidney beans to black-eyed peas and from lentils to limas, beans are versatile, tasty and a significant partner in the fight against high cholesterol. 5. Nuts If you restrict your nut intake because of their high caloric content material, reconsider.