MicroRNAs are.

MicroRNAs are, as the name implies, were In recent years, microRNAs to be translated to be translated to a significant role in the process by which genes into proteins. Clusters of microRNA have been ‘caught ‘in connection with messenger RNA, the intermediary molecule that ‘points ‘of the cell protein – building machinery. Particular help microRNAs determine the lifetime of messenger RNA and hence the number of copies of a protein can be produced from a messenger RNA molecule.

These findings a new role for a known cancer-causing gene called MYC , Andrei Thomas – Tikhonenko, said professor in Penn Vet Department of Pathobiology. We have discovered that within a tumor cell, one of the tasks of MYC to loose. A particular set of microRNAs, which then is used to promote the growth of new blood vessels that feed the tumor turn .

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