New York State is 70 percent fluoridated but two very populous counties.

New York State is 70 percent fluoridated but two very populous counties, Nassau and Suffolk totally fluoridation are free. In New York State 18.3 percent lost 6 or more teeth due to decay or gum disease , while only 16.2 percent of Long Islanders have .

Centers for Disease Control, preventing dental caries, ‘ dental expenses outpaces economic growth, continuing a trend 19. January 2004, ADA News12) ‘State poor dental health part of the larger problem, by William Allen, February 2004, Courier-Journal,12b) More Teeth lost fluoride use Improves13)13b)14a)= 61 & MMSA YR2= 2002 & key= 6605 & q= 91 & cat= CtyCode OH# OH14b)15a)15b)for more information please contact:Paul S. Beeber President & General Counsel, New York State Coalition opposed to fluoridation PO Box 263 Old Bethpage, NY 11804 From New York State Coalition opposed to fluoridation cavities occur in 60 % of U.S. Preschoolers, and often poorly fed in, ignore. 2004 Journal of the American Dental Association ..The NPSA is well aware on 15 incidents between January 2005 and September 2008, have which those holes drilling on the wrong side the the patient’s head. Even though none by them were reported to as a fatalities , the NPSA is believed that all these mistakes would have can be avoided if the of Neurosurgery teams had conducted Essential preliminary examinations.

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