North West mining towns

Conducted declares first public health emergency in MontanaThe Environmental Protection Agency said Wednesday reported its first ever public health emergency asbestos contamination near Libby and Troy, North West mining towns, the Associated Press . Asbestos contamination from a now-closed vermiculite mine has been cited in the deaths of more than 200 people and illnesses of thousands more. Closed before the vermiculite mine in 1990, performed miners asbestos home on their clothing. Vermiculite once covered school running tracks in Libby and some residents some residents vermiculite as mulch in their home gardens. .

The Washington Post reports that the federal government provide $ 6,000 to the health authority in Lincoln County, 6000 pay for health care, noting that’for the residents pay insurance insurance, and cover the full medical tabs. , ‘, ‘the paper reports,’the Department of Health and Human Services has improved to $ 46 million in the area, spent the past 10 years funding diagnostic screening programs and the payment of local health care. An agency spokeswoman said the new $ 6,000 is designed to directly to patients are smuggled. The New York Times also reports that vermiculite ‘chemically inert, fire resistant, lightweight and odorless, it was once widely used in insulation is loose usually between floor joist or between wall studs cast ‘.

For the study, the scientists analyzed 190 genes of in Chile and over 700 DNA variant 229 women and 179 preterm infants – those of weeks of gestation weeks of pregnancy. The genetic material of of premature babies group the 600 the 600 women who shipped to full term. Lead researcher Dr Roberto Romero of the NIH said: ‘What we felt was there were some of DNA variants in fetus that were linked with the occurrence of premature labor and birth, and there were several genes in the parent that well as the risks of preterm labor and for delivery. ‘.