Penn colleague and coauthor Peter Klein.

It’s like pulling a pin out of the gears of the clock, to allow them to present study shows interested in the relationship between the control of the circadian clock and metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes. There is a dynamic interplay between circadian rhythms and metabolism, says Lazar. You do not eat while you are sleeping, and the body needs take this into account take this into account. .. Penn colleague and coauthor Peter Klein, Assistant Professor of Medicine, discovered a few years ago that the drug lithium used to treat bipolar disease, an enzyme known to regulate circadian rhythm inhibits in various animal species.

24 hours and keeps the clock going,’says Lazar.. The researchers studied 310 patients with stage two or stage three breast cancer with large tumors that may have spread from? the lymph nodes. They determined the patient’s sensitivity to endocrine therapy, chemoresistance? And chemosensitvity? And compared it with other genetic predictors of chemotherapy response. From this data, researchers say they were able to identify patients with a high probability of survival after taxane? And anthracycline chemotherapy.

Lead study author Dr. Fraser Symmans says that as these tests provide early identification of patients who could benefit from new approaches to treatment. He says other benefits include reducing side effects and health care costs.– Chelsea Flower Show will be be held on 19-25 May 2008. For more details visit Royal Horticultural.

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