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MedPickRx is the only formulary management system Reduced inventory levels and space requirements while increasing the accuracy at half the cost of robotics.

The advanced system software requires the technician or pharmacist the bottle to the bottle to ensure that the right medication and the right dose before they continue that support is chosen to eliminate user error.. Under a number of important benefits, accuracy is one of the most important features of the new system. MedPickRx a modular automation technology, reviewing the right medication, right dose, and has employed for the first time make technicians use the inventory in the proper order open bottle first, shortest expiration date second, said TCG CEO Duane Chudy.Publishes A third of of the U.S. Population less than 65 years lacking sickness insurance at any point during the past two years, for a report on Wednesday from families USA , reports the Reuters news agency. The report examined information from done U.S. Census Bureau and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality conducted.

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