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Says ‘I am very pleased with the progress in our in our first year of operation satisfactory,’Dr. Jack Antel, scientific director of the research and Training Network endMS and neurology professor at McGill University. ‘We have taken new talents in the field of MS, created new learning opportunities and build an infrastructure that promotes cooperation. I think it is safe to say that year one of endMS Research and Training Network is a great success. ‘.

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Although the House repeal vote was a big-ticket item, specifics media attention, the real work of the Republican efforts to undo the health law include hearings, testimony, cuts and targeted legislative specific provisions specific provisions.CONTACT: Amgen Nurha Hindi 805-447-4587, 818-522-8411 Arvind Sood zero which indicates and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Candace Steele , 484-865 – 5428 Justin Victoria , 973-660-5340.

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