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One of the goals of the Jaeger Group is one of the major challenges to address in supramolecular chemistry: the total control of the arrangement of matter at the molecular level to achieve. The artificial RNA molecular system is based on ‘smart’ RNA pieces that could put together in a predictable way in any two-dimensional architecture with full control over size, shape and pattern of the geometry itself, according to scientists based.

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Helen Hansma, co-author and associate professor of physics at UCSB that this advance in basic research could eventually lead to the use of RNA supra – molecular assembly in medical applications and could be used to help cure or regenerate bone or other body parts. She also suggested the possibility of miniaturizing some medical tests, so to tests tests up less space and use less chemicals.How long do will take meningitis recent? Current depending on the kind of meningitis, particular species of bacteria the most serious being – .

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