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‘She said the delays and partisan objections her goal of restoring the Bureau reputation for providing legal advice to the executive , which undermined ‘by politics or partisan ambitions openly. ‘She added: ‘I hope that the withdrawal of my nomination will be filled this important office immediately ‘(Savage, New York Times.. She added:epartment Nominee Johnsen withdraws accountDawn Johnsen, President Obama’s Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel head, pulled on Friday, citing Republican opposition to her nomination, the New York Times reports. Johnsen – an Indiana University law professor deputy head of the deputy head of the OLC during the Clinton administration – White House said in a statement that her nomination was ‘met with lengthy delays and political opposition.

The Senate Judiciary Committee first approved Johnsen nomination March 2009 (New York Times, taking failed After the full Senate Johnsen nomination in 2009, Obama re-elected nominee January (star , CQ Today, The Judiciary endorsed her nomination for the second time in March (Women’s Health Policy Report.

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