Stained previously.

It is based on a distinctive electro-optical hardware that enables measuring the spectral picture of a metaphase, stained previously, such that each chromosome course has a different color . As the staining scheme of mFISH is certainly identical, HiSKY’s measurement scheme is quite different than the main one used in mFISH, which is standard FISH acquisition done using multiple microscope filters basically. This lets cytogeneticists find chromosomal abnormalities they might not have discovered otherwise intuitively . HiSKY is the cytogenetics workstation predicated on the SKY technique. The actual fact that HiSKY actions the entire spectrum at each point enables to totally extract the exact emission of each dye. No errors due to cross talk, high background or wrong comparison of specific layers.

The stringent reliability program applied during the design, results in many years of trouble-free operation in the field. Industrial quality components are utilized throughout the monitor for high reliability and long life-cycle availability. The front bezel protects against ingress of solid and drinking water to an IP21 rating. An acrylic safety screen, antiglare and anti-reflective hard layer is mounted before the LCD panel to protect the monitor from rubbing and chemical substances in a medical environment. An optional resistive touchscreen is obtainable also, enhancing the versatility and input capabilities of users through the screen. Through incorporating a color filtration system with wide color gamut, the panel delicately reproduces the shades of color with exceptional continuity in color ramps, and display images that are natural and rich.