Sucampo present lubiprostone phase 3 trial data in Japanese CIC in DDW 2011 Sucampo Pharmaceuticals.

Those treated with placebo over the duration of the analysis. In the 48 week open-label, long-term safety trial: Through the entire 48-week treatment period, sufferers reported a statistically significant elevated average number of weekly SBMs than were observed in baseline. When compared with baseline evaluation of quality of life measures, lubiprostone treatment resulted in better SF-36 and IBS-QOL scores overall. Particularly, lubiprostone-treated patients reported statistically significant improvements in the next domains of the SF-36 questionnaire at Week 48: physical function , bodily pain , general health , and emotional part ; lubiprostone scored considerably in each domain within the IBS-QOL questionnaire.Healthcare reform could cost patients thousands of dollars a full season out of their personal pockets, and premiums could become too high, according to two reports.’ A health plan offered to federal workers is a likely candidate for establishing the baseline requirements for all programs under the overhaul, but recent reports show the plans’ policyholders may spend up to $7,000 a year out-of-pocket . National General public Radio: ‘Insurers will be forbidden from rejecting customers with pre-existing health issues. Premiums couldn’t be predicated on past health claims, age or health habits. ‘ New taxes are a likely part of the picture also, including a proposed tax on employer-sponsored health advantages that cost, perhaps, $17,000 or more a year .