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The ban the ban, ‘are so consumed with their desire eradicate abortion, that they have stopped the trouble about already already born to respect ‘, including survivors of rape and incest, says the editorial. The new law is ‘a threat to all those difficult personal decisions about their health and family without government help dear dear,’said the Oregonian concludes (Oregonian.. Kaiser Daily Women’s Health Policy Report Summarizes Opinion Pieces About South Dakota Law Banning abortionSeveral newspapers recent opinion pieces to a South Dakota law published that bans abortion in the state unless they a pregnant woman ‘s life to save. Summaries appear below.

Julie Muhlstein, Everett Herald: surrounding the approval of the abortion ban, I am surprised by the lack of enthusiasm, Herald columnist Muhlstein writes in a Herald opinion piece. Muhlstein concludes: How laws like South Dakota rein in right, it seems awfully quiet (Muhlstein, Everett Herald.

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