The AARP has not been able to unite its membership.

All rights reserved.. AARP struggles to teach seniors about health care The Hill reports: Despite expending vast resources, the AARP has not been able to unite its membership, Nancy LeaMond, the executive vice president of the organization’s social impact group, on Wednesday told reporters. AARP’s membership is approximately divided between Democrats, Republicans and independents, LeaMond informed reporters. With an endorsement, the AARP may help get healthcare reform over the hump. However the AARP is not satisfied the legislation does enough to greatly help seniors, or that its benefits will be immediately apparent.Together, the companies intend to develop hemophilia remedies that focus on defects in four clotting element genes with the zinc finger DNA-binding proteins technology produced by Sangamo. Shire shall provide financial support to provide these therapies through clinical testing. A gene-editing therapy, like the one Sangamo and Shire plan to pursue, would target the disease at its resource in the genome rather than just alleviating symptoms.