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It is better in case you are able to arrange money for the procedure well in progress so that you are stress free of charge during the treatment. You can also collect the statistics about various treatment centers and the packages provided by them, which can help you compare and choose the best among them. 4. Do some good research on your own problem as well as the treatment which you are suggested by your fertility experts. There are a complete large amount of unscrupulous clinics and doctor out there, who will be ready to con the innocent couples by displaying them rosy dreams of their baby.The abortion will not have to end up being delayed because of the availability of the physician as it just involves a pill. * Ingesting a tablet is much easier than having a medical procedure done on her. * It costs significantly less to take the abortion tablet than to opt for other abortion methods. * Since it is an oral pill, it will keep the matter personal and protect the interests of the woman. * The pill may be the easiest method of abortion. A female is bound to feel less of what’s happening inside of her. These are the reasons why it is better to opt for a pill in the event of abortion.