The expenses gets the blessing of the National To Existence Committee

Rep. Trent Franks on Mon unveiled legislation that could ban abortion in the District of Columbia beyond the 20th week after fertilization . The expenses gets the blessing of the National To Existence Committee , which just launched a super-PAC targeted at defeating Obama in November . Related StoriesJust consider it: Giving natural movement to a patient with quadriplegiaProtein sensor for proprioception foundVaccines – a needle-free future? An interview with Thomas Johnston and Dr. Kees Leenhouts, MucosisThe Hill: National TO Lifestyle Created Super PAC To Battle Obama A prominent anti-abortion-rights group has created a super-PAC to defend myself against President Obama in 2012. The National Right to Life’s political actions committee, dubbed the Victory Fund, will focus on defeating Obama and electing a pro-life president primarily, regarding to David O’Steen, the group’s executive director.

The Hill: The public option is lifeless, top administration and House Democrats say. ‘The move is a very clear indication that President Barack Obama and leading Democrats are wary of another intra-party fight on the public option. Last year, Democrats lost precious time debating the issue, resulting in many missed deadlines.’ In the meantime, some Senate Democrats continue steadily to function to resurrect it . Roll Call: On the public choice, Hoyer said, ‘I believe the public option can move in the House, but it’s not in the president’s proposal. But actually proponents of the excise tax say it may be too weak to do much .