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The facility available government agencies and food companies and environmental services, assessment of foods of R+ D projects in in the energy assessment of food, is sub – products. With the goal of obtaining information for decision making in the installation of this type of systems on an industrial scale.

Among other mixtures from animal husbandry silage together with agricultural waste, food industries (leftovers from fruit and vegetable market, fish are ends, aquaculture waste, etc.. Obtaining biogas from food industry wasteAZTI AZTI-Tecnalia technological center, experts in food research laid a biogas plant for novel systems of sustainable energy production based on the use of waste and by-products from the test food industry. This new facility uses the enormous potential for producing biogas from the organic matter contained in agricultural food waste, and will help the food industry the environmental impact of the environmental impact of organic wastes.I would emphasize that at to resources is a major challenge for scaling gender-responsive HIV programming concluded Dr. Osotimehin. indeed , I think the greatest game – changers to is needed is strengthened commitment, of political will and sufficient resources investing gender inequality under the HIV response translated into in an appropriate address of resource investment. .

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