The method includes a fraction of a fluorescent protein into two fragments synonym for potency.

Ultimately, we are trying to figure out how to make the cancer cells more sensitive to chemotherapy and radiotherapy by the ATF2 in the nucleus, Hu said.The Purdue researchers tracked ATF2 and other proteins developed using a fluorescence imaging technique of Hu as bimolecular fluorescence complementation synonym for potency . The method includes a fraction of a fluorescent protein into two fragments, and then merging each fragment to different AP-1 proteins, including c-Jun and ATF2. Later when the a heterodimer, to form a heterodimer, the fluorescent protein fragments are recombined, thereby light green when a light source. A light source. The fluorescence, the researchers could of c-Jun of c-Jun – ATF2 heterodimers and discover the commuting movements ATF2. Representation, the cytoplasm of the infected cells in the brain , and Alzheimer’s disease in the heart muscle the same be close to the same shuttle mechanism sets involved under these conditions. These findings suggest a new avenue to study how ATF2 is involved in the pathogenesis of these diseases, said Hu.

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