The models are again allowing the researchers to study disease and to understand what can go wrong.

The Exploratory Workshops titled Exploring Symbolic Value Creation in organizations was on September 6 to 9 , 2007 in Milano, Italy. Each year, ESF supports approximately 50 Exploratory Workshops in all areas of science. These small, interactive group sessions. Opens new avenues of research in order to explore new fields with a potential impact on developments in science.. The models are again allowing the researchers to study disease and to understand what can go wrong, that’s the first step to developing cures. One of the major diseases which is modeled myocardial ischemia, which is the loss of blood supply to part of the heart muscle, leading ultimately to failure and fatal if untreated.The ESF Exploratory Workshop on European Heart Modelling and Technology support was in Oxford, UK, in May 2007.

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