The nations first post-graduate addiction medicine residencies for physicians.

Separate courses in addiction medication are seldom taught in medical school, and there are no addiction medicine residencies among the 8,890 American Council of Graduate Medical Education accredited residency applications in the nation’s hospitals. Prior to ABAM’s formation, only one medical specialty offered sub-specialized training and certification in addictions. Once the Foundation offers demonstrated that the residencies meet the ACGME criteria, the Foundation will apply to the ACGME to accredit them. The ABAM Foundation’s purpose is to determine and accredit addiction medicine training applications and support the mission of the American Table of Addiction Medicine .When news of long lasting disabilities and deaths began to surface first, Pfizer insisted that meningitis, not Trovan, was responsible. However the Kano authorities was persistent in pursuing justice in the matter with respect to its people, and it forced Pfizer into a settlement agreement eventually. And besides payments made to the victims’ families, Pfizer also agreed to sponsor various health projects in Kano to end up being dependant on the national government. ‘People and entities can and must be held accountable for the consequences of their carry out,’ said Babatunde Irukera, attorney for the condition of Kano, to the Washington Post back in 2009 when the settlement was finally reached.