The nations largest AIDS organization.

Create both jobs and support the purchase of American-made products – two primary goals of the stimulus package stimulus package. ‘.. Manufactured in the USAlcomes Senator Harkin for standing up for HIV testing in stimulus billAIDS Healthcare Foundation , the nation’s largest AIDS organization, today, Senator Tom Harkin praised for commitment to the financing of HIV testing in the current Senate stimulus Bill. The bill includes $ 400 million of the over $ 800 billion stimulus package for HIV and STD testing and prevention, the work for setting nurses in emergency rooms and community clinics HIV and STD HIV and STD testing , as well as going to do the purchase of the American HIV test kits could be produced.

The nurses and AIDS patients, their own stories of living with, or caring for people with HIV / AIDS in the hard hit the southern United States, a region that reported 36 percent of the national AIDS cases. AHF delegation lobbied Congress for to do financing for an expansion of the current CDC HIV testing program over three million HIV tests in the next two years to more than 60,000 people currently infected with HIV, but who knows not find it. AHF estimates that by at least 6,000 to ,, ultimately saves the government billions of dollars in medical costs. HIV status ‘The lifetime cost an HIV-infected person’s treatment and care is estimated to be $ 600,000,’added AHF Weinstein. ‘If we can prevent 6,000 new infections caused by a greatly improved our HIV testing and prevention with support from the stimulus package, we will ultimately save more than $ 3.5 billion in lifetime care and treatment costs for individuals.Treatment of of hypochondriasisRecent studies have demonstrated to Cognitive therapy and SSRI have effective at treating hypochondria. CBT helping which worriers to tackle and deal with niggling physical symptoms and disease to worry. Obsessive concerns can be reduced, when the patient is is placed SSRI.

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