The pairs work throws light on electrical synapses.

The pairs work throws light on electrical synapses, which Connors’ group in the forebrain of mammals discovered six years ago. Pass making it possible for lightening-quick signals between neurons via ion current – – the function and meaning of these protein channels Last year only the beginning. Last year the show has Connors lab research, that electrical synapses help set the brain master circadian clock published.

Analysis of health issues and, when appropriate showed death records, that the death rate three times—– – increased significantly for those whose vision measured 20/40 or worse, after the data were matched by age, sex, high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, heart attack and stroke. Cause of death differed VA categories, for example, cancer was the leading cause of death in people with normal eyesight. The researchers speculated that impaired vision might have contributed to fatal falls and accidents and reduced quality of life and other health factors, the impact on mortality.

Sharpvision Longer Life in initial Asian Population Study Linked In the first study of its kind in an Asian population, the researchers found that the relationship between age and cause of death, the patient’s vision – the ability see, objects and and in detail – was consistent with the results of similar studies in Western countries.‘Cells in the brain, connections compounds, in order to operate,’said Mayfield. ‘It is like as the Internet works, to transmit information around the world. The Internet would slow and to stop if enough connections will be interrupted or change. Similarly the genes are sketched out responsible for the correct link and communication between cell in the brains in the brain Without them, normal function not possible. ‘.

Is a third possibility is the fact that be stimulated by processes that could be stimulated by alcohol consumption well liver and brain. That is, differ hepatic cirrhosis and does not – cirrhotics groups of in their cellular resistance to the health effects of alcohol and not the differences in her level of alcohol consumption. A fourth possible factor of might changes in in the diet. When patients with liver cirrhosis deeper disorder their nutrition than patients from cirrhosis from cirrhosis disparities the brain connected injury from malnutrition. ‘.. Krystal proposed several possible interpretations of of the results. Cirrhotic liver cirrhosis to develop probable drink more than the alcoholics who no developing liver cirrhosis, ‘he said.