The physical and mental abilities and is not relieved by rest.

Cancer Fatigue – defined as an unusual and persistent sense of tiredness during or during or after the treatment, the physical and mental abilities and is not relieved by rest. , the most common and distressing problem for cancer patients after treatment for many patients it is so strong that it normal daily activities.

PDF of this article from Margaret WillsonContact:. Margaret Willson Tel: 44-153-677-2181 Fax: 44-153-677-2191 Mobile: 44-797-385-3347 Home Phone: 44-153-677-0851 European Society for Medical Oncology Professor David Kerr.. It is clear that effective evaluation and treatment of these disorders requires a clear understanding of the individual symptomatology and internal conflicts, for each patient, says Brenda K. Wiederhold, Editor – in – Chief of Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking from the Interactive Media Institute, San Diego.

[1] Physical performance, depression, immune status and fatigue in patients with hematological malignancies after treatment, Annals of Oncology 15th 1237-1242.2004Notes:.1 Annals of Oncology is the monthly journal of the European society for Medical OncologyPlease acknowledge the journal as the source in the reports2 Annals of Oncology website:.Use samples from voluntary, which researchers tested, such as neutrophils, if a purified form of anthrax lethal toxin suspended responding connected the partial the spore on the disease.

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