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The study was supported by the Maternal and Child Health Program, Health Resources and Services Administration and the Department of Health and Human Services.its anti-Broad Spectrum Anti-Viral QR-441 revealed that against two problematic pathogen in the poultry industry EffectiveQuigley Pharma, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Quigley Corporation announced positive results from a study, its anti–viral substance QR – 441 in the embryonating egg and VERO E6 cell test models. The preliminary QR-441 showed a possible antiviral agent in reducing Infectious Bronchitis and New Castle Disease, two viral poultry significant economic impact on have a significant economic impact on the poultry industry on an annual basis. Previous in vitro studies have demonstrated QR-441 , that a potent antiviral agent against H5N1 to be. Rosenbloom Rosenbloom, EVP / COO of Quigley Pharma, said: The value of a broad spectrum antiviral treatment of several viral pathogens in poultry stocks increases the potential benefits of the compound for routine commercial application as well as their use in the case of more serious H5N1 outbreak. .

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