The researchers discovered that in most of these countries since the mid-1990s.

The researchers discovered that in most of these countries since the mid-1990s , the prevalence of maltreatment related injuries and violent deaths remained stable. Manitoba and Sweden were the only nations declines in violent deaths, the decrease in hospitalizations associated with maltreatment in connection with injuries to accompany show. In the six countries officially recognized neglect or abuse remained stable especially. However, other signs of increased the agency report, in-home care, or investigation, In the U.S. And in young children.

placed, and Sweden. to explain the researchers: We fight for better research to these very expensive policy, the most pressing strongly underpin the lives of the large minority of children in our countries in the face the rise in out-of-home care, the need need for high-quality, randomized controlled trials to assess the efficacy of this intervention .

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